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Elevate Sales and UX with Impactful Icons

TrustTree is the ultimate app designed to enhance your Shopify or website store pages with attractive, detailed, and meaningful icons that instantly communicate the value of your products and guide shoppers towards their next steps.

Our icons are the smart merchant’s way to make your pages easier to use, quicker to understand, and faster to shop, resulting in a significant boost in sales and profits. With a giant library of 10,000 professionally designed icons, TrustTree equips you with all the high-quality visuals you need to unlock long-term benefits for your business. Don’t wait – buy now and download immediately!

Dress Up Your Store Pages with Ease

With TrustTree, adding and removing icons from your Shopify theme becomes a seamless experience. Our app integrates effortlessly with your Shopify store, providing you with the confidence and safety to customize your pages effortlessly. Whether you want to highlight product descriptions, shipping details, eco-friendly features, payment options, or more, our extensive library of 10,000 icons covers it all. By dressing up your store pages with impactful icons, you’ll create a visually appealing, engaging, and informative experience that captivates customers and drives conversions.

  • Easily add and remove icons from Shopify Theme with confidence and safety.
  • Quickly customize icon size, colors, text, block for your personalized look.

Unlock a Vast Library of 10,000 Icons

TrustTree offers a vast library of 10,000 icons covering various categories, including descriptions, shipping, eco-friendly features, payments, and much more. These professionally designed icons ensure consistency and quality across your store, making it easier for shoppers to navigate, understand, and make confident purchase decisions. With TrustTree, you can convey your message effectively and leave a lasting impression on customers with meaningful visuals that align with their needs and preferences.

Customize for a Personalized Look

Tailor your icon experience to match your brand’s unique aesthetic with TrustTree’s intuitive customization options. Quickly adjust the icon size, colors, text, and block layout to create a personalized look that perfectly aligns with your brand identity and design preferences. Stand out from the competition and capture your customers’ attention with a visually stunning experience that enhances their shopping journey.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your store pages with TrustTree for Shopify. Elevate your sales, improve the user experience, and increase your profits effortlessly. Buy now and unlock the power of impactful icons that drive results.